On Silence And Creativity

Speech is silver; silence is golden.

Silence. It’s something that we get too little of in our modern life, with our busy schedules, tons of to-do lists, all the messaging apps that trap our attention. Silence is our passport to a little “me time”, a private space whenever and wherever we want.

But what do you do when the world around you is never silent? What do you do when you’re alone in a room and yet you can hear the gentle hum of the air conditioner or the beeps on your phone as the push notifications pour in? The society we live in today is obsessed with talking even if it has nothing to say. Ray Bradbury showcases this point subtly in his seminal work (and one of my favorites) Fahrenheit 451.

Silence is so rare and precious now that countries are marketing silence as one of their many attractions! 😮 The appeal of some time alone from all the distractions of daily life is enough for people to pay for tours to them.

But is it worth it?
A little quiet time, to introspect, plan or formulate strategies is all too important for the human mind. We perform at our best when not a single thing distracts us. You and me, we are all creative. The problem lies with unleashing that creativity. There are thousands of articles and how-to guides on how to be more creative. But would any of them help you if you didn’t have a silent place to think?

We often get our best ideas in the shower. But the fact is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Given an amicable atmosphere anyone can be an idea-machine, filled to the brim with creative thoughts.

I fail to see the need for people to pay for silent areas and trips to such countries. Silence is our birthright and something that we have to ensure the future generations have enough of. We’ve already lost our galaxy, our stars and our night sky above us to the bright lights from the city. Nothing is more calming that lying on my back and gazing at the billions of stars and thinking, pondering about the purpose of it all; about how we were forged in the core of a star that died billions of years ago, just so it could give birth to us. About how small we are and yet, how large we are. Let us make sure we don’t lose the silence we have.


5 thoughts on “On Silence And Creativity

  1. Silence can at times be overrated. Living out here in the wilderness of Northern Alaska I am surrounded by the totality of “civilization silence”, and trust me there are a number of days when the sound of a voice would enhance the day.


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