Why You Need To Wake Up Earlier

Lifehacks are all around us online. They’re like ideas, a dime a dozen. And that’s why only reading about lifehacks will do you no good. It’s the execution that matters.

Waking up early is something that a lot of people, me included strive to do. After months of hitting the snooze button I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and then stumbled upon this gem: The Zen Of Waking Up Early: 10 Ways To Solidify A Morning Wakeup Ritual

10 ways to get your lazy butt off your bed and start the day with loads of action. At last, I have something to motivate me. Also, in tune with my quest to attain the infinitely trackable goal of “quantified self”, which includes measuring the number of steps I take everyday and tracking the number of articles I save to my Pocket, this is another metric I can measure to be a little better day by day.

I hope you read through the 10 steps and find it useful. Nevertheless, I shall be up by 5:30 tomorrow. I hope so.


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