Are You Living In The Moment?

This post is based mostly on my personal experiences. “Living in the moment” is something every corporate/life skills trainer will teach you. But most of us don’t.

We are never mindful at any given time. I am never mindful most of the time. We never pay close attention to our surroundings. We see, but we don’t absorb what we see. We hear, but we don’t listen.

Why is it that we are always absent-minded most of the time? From what I’ve observed in my own life, it’s because our mind is in a different point of time.

We worry too much about our past. We worry too much about our future.

We keep regretting the mistakes we’ve made in the past. I can tell you this becuase I’ve done this before. You and I, we worry about our future, whether we will be as successful as we want to be.

This type of thinking is crucial to the human mind. Early humans couldn’t have rested on the laurels of today’s hunt; they always had to be worried about tomorrow. But in our modern world, such thinking does more harm than good.

You might already know the flaw in this thinking: you CANNOT change the past. Your past is done. My past is over, I cannot have it back or edit it like I edit digital files. I have to come to terms with it, get over my mistakes and regrets and find closure. That is the first step to living in the moment. You cannot live a complete life if you cannot conquer the monsters of your past.

The moment you are now in, that is the most important time of your life. Whether you live it fully and enjoy it, or not, depends on how you want your tomorrow to be.

Your past is done. Nothing can change it now. Just move on.

Now onto the future. What is the use of worrying about the future, about tomorrow? I do not know if I’ll die of a stroke before I complete this post. Us humans can’t predict the weather with perfection. What makes you think you can perfectly predict your boss shouting at you tomorrow?

The future is unknown to us. There is always room for improvement in the future. But that improvement can only come if you take steps today to ensure your bright future. Worrying about your future in your present will only make your future dark.

The future is a mystery. So why not take  small steps today to ensure a bright future for you and me? This advice is as much to me as to you.

Live in the present. Take in as much of the beautiful world around you as you can. Explore places. Observe everything around you. Listen to people, don’t just hear. Live your life one moment at a time.

Worrying about your past destroys your present and thus your future. Sitting idly worrying about your future destroys your future.


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