Holy Metamorphosis, Batman! A Name Change

It seems pretty childish, but I just changed the name from ‘All Tech Excluded‘ to ‘Mind Expand‘. The URL has also changed to https://mindexpand.wordpress.com, for now.

When this blog started out, it was more about things that could not go onto my tech blog, things that I thought about, wondered or observed. It was more about my analysis of the world around me.

Slowly however, this blog has become a barometer for the change in me: a record of how I am evolving and developing as a human. It no longer makes sense to keep the name as ‘All Tech Excluded‘; I do not want to exclude anything, I want to include everything that defines me as a human, all of the things that changed me as I progressed through my life.

So for now, the blog is known as Mind Expand, a log of how my mind (and maybe yours too) has expanded. I’ll continue posting here and I hope to see you too.


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