The Joys Of Waking Up Earlier Than Usual And Why You Should Do It Too

Nobody likes waking up early. The cozy warmth of the blanket, the seductive pleasure of lying on the soft mattress and the rest you get when sleeping are almost as irresistible as coffee.

For about a month and a half, I’ve been following a strict routine: waking up an hour earlier than usual, tackling my goals when my roommates are asleep and enjoying the calm, cool and tranquil atmosphere of early morning. The routine has worked fine for me and I admit, there were days when I just did not want to get up from my bed.

Perseverance is a crucial element.

But I do not wish to give you secret tips or advice to help you get up earlier. That can be found here.


What I wish to share with you are the joys of waking up early. The silence and tranquility are unbeatable. The whole world is still asleep and here you are, already tackling your goals and being super-productive and awesome! Silence also helps get your creative juices rolling.

I’ve also noticed that waking up early leaves me more energetic throughout the day. The motivation and the energy combined help me make the most of my day. I hope you know how good it feels when you achieve your goals. Get ready for a whole lot of ticked-off to-do list items once you wake up early.

Another good tip for you: email yourself your to-dos at night just before you sleep. In the morning, start working on them, in an email client like Mailbox, which rewards you for reaching Inbox Zero. This will motivate you to work on those items and move that email out of your inbox.

You have to understand that the human brain still has it’s reptillian parts intact. You have to reward it to get it to do things. Reward yourself in the morning when you wake up: a cup of coffee, five minutes of quick meditation or maybe even make a quick breakfast for your loved ones; the smile on their faces is rewarding enough to last the whole day.


Another great advantage is the silence you get. I can never stop talking about the need for more silence in our hectic lives. We rush through our lives, busy with work, spending fleeting moments with our loved ones, always on the phone, in our cars, whizzing past. We never try to slow down and experience the beauty of silence. Everyday when I get up I’m greeted by an eerie silence that used to be disconcerting at first. Gradually I realised that this is the real sound humans were engineered to hear: the rich, beautiful sound of silence.

It is only in silence that we can delve deeper into our own lives and introspect it from different perspectives. It is only in silence that our mind is at peace and ready to think deeply about any subject. Silence is important to us, not in the sense that it could potentially keep you sane, but in an evolutionary sense.

Everything I say will be of no use if YOU, yes, YOU, dear reader, are not ready and willing to try it out. You have to take a decision, make up your mind about it, get off your butt, stop procrastinating and do it.

Waking up early is quite easily one of the best lifehacks I’ve ever done. The benefits could be yours too if you take just one decision and stick to it.

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Sunrise: FreePhotosBank
Coffee Cup: By Skitterphoto on Pixabay


5 thoughts on “The Joys Of Waking Up Earlier Than Usual And Why You Should Do It Too

    1. Being an engineering student, I have loads of assignments, course load and tons of procrastination. So my days are usually action-packed. However, no matter what time I go to sleep, I make sure I get up at the same time. Helps me keep the wake-up time of my internal clock constant.

      Thanks for letting me know about yourself. I’m sure a bit of experimentation might help? A bit of meditation as soon as you wake up, to give you enough energy to make up for the shortage in sleep.


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