Don’t Fake Gratitude: Express It Like You Mean It

Expressing my gratitude is something that’s really gotten to me. I have been trying to be extra nice to all the people around me and thanking them wholeheartedly, be it the security guard who opens the gate of my apartment for me when I go out or the waiter who serves my food or even my classmate at college who gave me wat to get out of the elevator. The dopamine rush and the ‘tingly’ good feeling you get are the subject of another long post, but what I also found is that these small things affect me my whole day. I’m positive most of the time, more relaxed and generally happier.

People tend to not notice these things but a wholehearted greeting with a smile is usually reciprocated and leaves them smiling too. I believe this to be a mutual acknowledgement that both of us respect each other and are grateful to each other for bringing a smile to our faces.

I do not know if people respect you more or instead use you more if you’re good to them, but I do know I feel good about it.

Gratitude isn’t something that should be faked. I believe if you really are grateful to someone, express it, let them know that you respect their help or deed; maybe even take them out for lunch. Do you regularly express your gratitude? Try it out for a day: tell someone that you’re grateful, show them your gratitude and don’t forget, say it with a big fat smile and a twinkle in your eyes.

Thank someone like you mean it.

Try it out for a couple of days and notice the changes in yourself.


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