Life’s Gonna Keep Screwing You, You Just Gotta Continue

Life screws you over when you least expect it. But then again, there’s a part of me that argues that life is completely full of ups and downs. You never know when things can go haywire, but you also don’t know when things can start getting better.

Life can make you a hero from zero and also blow you to smithereens. You’ve just got to go with the flow of it, says the 14 year old in me. But the 20 year old in me is too attached to the people in my life and the memories with them.

Today I learnt that absolutely nothing is in our control. Nothing. We cannot determine the factors, time or date of our birth or our death. We are puny compared to the forces at work in the Universe. And yet, we stroll around trying to carve out an empire for ourselves, owning things, showing off, being superior to others, not without realising that everything could end in an instant. We are all mortal. But what is more scary is that we are all ticking time bombs, ready to go out any second.


One thought on “Life’s Gonna Keep Screwing You, You Just Gotta Continue

  1. The information is spread so much that the clutter makes my mind want to blow. Yes, I also have recently came to a similar understanding like you mention above: Nothing is in our control. Maybe we can choose to hide in our homes to decrease many risks and potential encounters, but this doesn’t feel any better.
    Our brain is acting according to the previous data collected and saved in our brains and it’s not us who make the decisions, it is our pasts in the hard drive. If you have time of 5 minutes, I would like to recommend a youtube video about this. (
    Ever since I’m partly believing in the theory that there is no free will, it became better. Since nothing is in our control, there is one thing left for us to do:Enjoy and make the best out of it.


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