A Letter From Present Me To Past Me

I’m happy with what I have in my life; in fact, I’m more than happy with my life. I have only one life, only one body, so I have to make the best of what I do have.

Wishing for things you don’t have and wanting more/better/bigger of what you do have are the root cause of sorrow. I’m not exactly into Buddhism, but I like my life with lots of Zen.

When you aren’t wasting time wishing for better times to come, you aren’t in sorrow, because you are not in a comparison between your life and your imagined one. Don’t fantasise about the life you could have had, get on your legs and build the life you want, make it happen. That is the real path to happiness.

And what’s a Zen master without happiness?

PS: I hope you understand. Take care.

PPS: Dear reader, this is more of a personal note. But I’m sure even you might have had a stage when you were disappointed/unhappy with your life? How did you overcome it? Are you still happy? Or have you made a transformation?


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