Are You Happy Being Alone?

In this world of connected minds and devices, rectangular interfaces, wearable technology and whatnot, sometimes it just feels so liberating to be all alone, to swim in your thoughts, lost in oblivion.

This is one of the reasons I have a routine of waking up early in the morning. I am all alone at the time, none of my friends are awake. I can quietly make a cup of tea, sit out on the porch, stare at the early morning sky and be just lost in myself.

It might seem a bit egotistical for some, but my mind is the only place I (my consciousness) can call home. I love being alone, introspecting and jumping from thought to thought and wondering how everything in this world really fits together to form one perfectly functioning sentient (?) Universe.

It is one of the saddest things in our world today: we, as a civilisation, are really afraid of being alone. Sure, we respect and celebrate individuality in our society, but we are all profoundly nervous about being alone. We stare into our screens, tinker with whatever we have, just to seem busy, occupied with something, to show people around us that we are not alone.

I am an introvert, and that may be the reason I love being lost in my thoughts, but I think it is something we all ought to do more often. We have lost the art of introspection, as a generation. Our opinions, perspectives and to an extent, even our personalities are now moulded by algorithms and timelines on our screens. We have lost our curiosity, our ability to wonder and reason and reach our own conclusions about something.

But this post is more than just a rant, I truly love being alone. In a way, I love the company I have, myself. I can be open, have thoughts that might otherwise be considered hurtful in real life (Yeah, I do feel guilty about it sometimes) and have my own conclusions about the world in general.

BrainPickings has this great post about how joyful solitude is useful for us, which you should definitely read. And now, what are your opinions on this matter? Do you like being alone? Or do you crave for the company of a fellow human being? Let’s discuss.


2 thoughts on “Are You Happy Being Alone?

  1. For a moment, I thought that I had written what I am thinking about being alone on your page. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone about the tranquility of being alone. My family and friends had stopped judging me as years go by, whereas some of them judged and left me, expectedly.
    I still don’t know which one is better, since sometimes I also feel guilty whether I am missing out something or not.
    Then I run a test and my mind palace wins 🙂
    Wish you great fun in your mind of freedom!


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