Shit-talkers Will Come And Go; You Have Just One Life

There’s something really sad and unnerving about being the one who gets to hear all the shit people talk about each other behind their backs. Everyone I know gossips to me about everyone else I know.

What does this mean?

Does this mean I’m a good guy who doesn’t have any haters? Unlikely. Or is it that people really do talk shit about me behind my back?

I believe people are predisposed to talk shit about others. That’s why they gossip, discuss the private lives of others, and maybe even talk shit about others, spreading false information. We like being recognised as good judges of character. And so, when we convey our (usually false) opinions about someone else, we think we are being revered as good judges of morality and character.

But, as you already know, nobody reveres you. Nobody likes a gossip. If you listen to a gossip, chances are high that (s)he will gossip about you to someone else.

It might be just me who has had this kind of experience where literally everyone I know comes to me and confides in me AKA talks shit about others.

Sure people do have a crazy way of disguising themselves and I can never tell. There maybe a dozen or more people masquerading as friends, talking bad about me in my absence.

But then again, I do not want to end this on a negative note. Haters gonna hate and you can’t live your life fully if you are worried about them. Live your life fully, don’t give a damn and I’m sure you’ll have a life well-lived. So, dear reader, are you fully alive? Or are you still living in fear of shit-talkers.


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