My Thoughts On ‘Interstellar’ And Space Exploration

Yesterday, I watched ‘Interstellar‘ at the multiplex near me. Amidst the crowd of young Indians, living up to the fad of being a Nolan fan (I don’t agree it’s a fad; Nolan makes incredibly realistic movies), I imagined what the movie must be like.

The theme of the movie being space exploration, I was hooked to it from the moment I heard about it. Space exploration is the need of the hour and we need to explore as much as we can. But before I go tangential to the topic, let me share my thoughts on Interstellar.

The movie revolves around a group of astronauts who travel to space to explore potential candidates to house humans, since the Earth can no longer support them. The strain these explorers suffer as relativity keeps them young and their families age is also a main crux of the movie.

The effects are well done, particularly the scenes with the black hole in it. The scenes involving the space craft are done with miniature models. They becime obvious when you look at them move; it doesn’t have that smooth perfect motion that CGI gives, it has a slightly jerky motion, which in my opinion gives it a more realistic angle.

The film has a great cast who do their job incredibly well. Matthew McConaughey’s scenes of going from shock to laughter to crying really touched me and its a great performance by him.

The movie has the humane parts sorted down as well. People are shown with all their flaws, all their negatives. People might sacrifice their lives for the ones they love, but they can’t do that beyond the horizon. Nobody can sacrifice their life for the billions of others unless forced by an extreme situation.

The only weak point in the movie was why Matthew wants to go home as soon as possible. It is not obvious enough and you have to think a bit before it sinks in. [SPOILER ALERT!] He wants to be with his kids as they grow up, he wants to be there to guide them, be with them. He missed out on all that. The manner in which relativity affects relations from such a distance is mesmerising. What I mean is, the film has no bad/ugly for me: it’s just that the reason won’t be clear unless you sit a bit and think; and where will you get the time to do that in the theatre with action all around you? 😉

‘Interstellar’ cements my belief that we must involve ourselves deeper into the affairs of our space neighbours. We must go out, explore new worlds and hopefully, find a place to live if conditions on Earth happen to deteriorate. Spend money not on political propaganda and moon-landing deniers, spend it on space exploration.

The more we explore space, the more we can reignite our curiosity of space and the stars and the planets near and far, a curiosity which is fast fading. This quote by Cooper [McConaughey’s character] sums it all up.

We used to look up and wonder about our place in the stars.
Now we look down and wonder about our place in the dirt.

Are you going to watch ‘Interstellar’ soon? Have you watched it already? What are your feelings about it? Let’s discuss.


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