How To Build Great Things

I happened to glance through my old journal today and found an idea, a proposal for a new service, a new startup, the next billion dollar thing. Or so I thought.

The idea seems pretty stupid now when I read it. I’ve posted the entry here as such; emphasis are used to express my current opinions about certain terms. I have no idea what some of the terms here mean, since everything was written hastily and is pretty vague.

An clone exclusively for HTML5 cross-platform (WTF??! Why would you need to state cross-platform again? HTML5 is universal.) games.

* paid membership for users

* developer incentive program

* true social gaming with ADN integration (No clue what this terms actually means!)

*centralized leaderboards.

I am beginning to seriously doubt the viability of this whole idea, especially because no user would be willing to pay to play games. They would, if they had any data to care about, but not in this case. Secondly, its not much different from PSN, XBox Online or Google Play Games. We could shift to being a games platform rather than just being another “global leaderboard” service or a social layer on top of games.

I guess this is what entrepreneurs should do more often, but they don’t. Don’t rush out to build your MVP; write down your idea and read it again in a couple of days. Mostly, you won’t feel the same way about the idea later, or would be more capable of looking at it critically.

It’s a cut-throat market out there, and a delay of a day could mean someone else has already launched a service with your idea, but I’d rather have a world with a few startups building or doing great things than millions of them doing mediocre things. If you still feel like going ahead with the idea, work on it then. Make sure you follow all the right steps and build a great product.


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