I’ve Failed The NaBloPoMo Challenge But I’ll Still Continue

So I crashed my chances of succeeding at the NaBloPoMo with two consecutive days of absence. I feel terrible, embarassed and guilty of having failed yet again.

The NaBloPoMo is a challenge designed not to bring out the best in you, but to embed the habit of blogging daily in you. The theory goes that if you have successfully posted for 30 straight days, blogging would be part of your routine by then and your blog would be of more priority to you.

A post-mortem of my failure
The lapse in writing wasn’t because of writer’s block. No. I have ways to tackle writer’s block. The problem lies not with creativity, but with my disorganised life. My whole day is spontaneous; nothing I do is planned beforehand. As things come up, I give more priority to them, instead of blogging.

The past two days were spent in a pseudo-dream-like-state; everything just whizzed by. I do not remember the days, I was too busy.

The whole premise of NaBloPoMo is to blog continously, no matter how busy you are or whatever other obstacles come in your way. I have failed to overcome these blocks and hence, have failed the NaBloPoMo challenge.

Do I feel guilty? Hell yes! Do I feel embarrassed? Yes, I do. I mentioned before that the challenge would make me accountable for my success or failure. I realise that, but there’s no other way for me to change the past. All I can do is try to complete the challenge, like a runner who has falled midway through his race.

But will I give up? No way. I shall keep posting, I shall continue, I will finish the challenge, because it’s not about winning or losing, its about participating.


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