Dear Future Self, Never Forget

Life is pretty hard at times and easy at other times. The rough times can really feel like the end of the world and you just can’t wait for it to end. The following lines are what I wrote during a particularly rough patch of my life.

“Dear future self, never forget the days past. Never forget the pain and misery. Never forget the gloomy days, spiteful voices and the wounds to your ego.

Never forget the rumblings in your stomach, the cries of your body that you couldn’t satisfy. Never forget the depression, those moments when nothing seemed to be with you. Never forget those moments when you felt like you’d lost everything.

Never forget the promises you tried to keep, but failed. Never forget the people who thought of you as worthless when the promises you made were not fulfilled.

Never forget those nights when you couldn’t even cry yourself to sleep. Never forget the people who left you in your misery and never forget the people who tried just to make you smile even a little bit.

Never forget to be grateful to the latter. Never forget to help someone out if they happen to be in your current situation. Never forget when you wrote this down, all these were perfectly true.

And never forget to read this once in a while to remind yourself what you’ve been through.”

These lines give me a bit of motivation when I feel down and help me face life harder and more determined. Did you like this? Let me know.


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