Wish To Unclutter Your Life? Try Evernote!

Disclaimer: Before I begin, let me stress that this post is not sponsored by Evernote or any other third party. I am writing this on my own personal accord.

My life is pretty messy most of the time. Is it because I’m disorganized or is it because I’m busy with too many things? Well, both probably. The feeling of being helpless in the face of my busy life is too much for me to handle sometimes.

I’ve tried everything from to-do lists to reminder apps to enterprise software like Trello. But the crucial fact was that everything required to keep me on track were all stored on different platforms and apps; most of which were pretty selfish and didn’t like sharing data. I used Pocket to save articles to read later, Any.Do to save my to-do lists, Dropbox to store my receipts after I had scanned them.

I wanted something that would store all this without being too intimidating. That’s when I found Evernote. Evernote is a note-taking app, an archive for the articles I find and also a storehouse for almost everything I need.

I don’t want to go in depth into the minute details of the app; you’ll find it online in a lot of places. But what I will tell you is this: if your life is pretty cluttered up,  try Evernote. Sure, a lot of people don’t like it in the beginning, but unless you jump in with both feet, you really can’t enjoy the freedom Evernote provides you.

So try Evernote today; it’s not only a place for notes and receipts, but also for the ideas you have. A true storehouse for your whole life. The stuff all apps should be made of.

Try Evernote Now!


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