Should You Really Listen To Quora?

Anyone who knows me in real life knows how much I love Quora. I refer to it a lot of the time, its the app that’s most likely to be open on my mobile, and if I were to write a book about any subject, the bibliography section would definitely point to Quora many times.

Quora is amazing and I love getting advice and knowledge and getting to read (sometimes relive) the experiences of many many different people, from all walks of life, whom I wouldn’t have been able to meet elsewhere.

But not all the advice and lifehacks on Quora are really that great.

The problem
A lot of people on Quora (usually Indians) advice others to deactivate their Facebook accounts and get on Quora. Others share their experience of having deactivated Facebook and the after-effects: how their life is now more cheerful and happy and productive.

And it is great advice. I know I’ll be killed for saying this (😝), both Facebook and Quora are blackholes, but atleast on Quora, you learn something new. On Facebook, all you do is stare at cat pictures, photos of your friends having fun at some high end restaurant or cafe, or maybe even their crappy roadtrip photos they shot on a really expensive DSLR camera.

The experiment
Inspired by the advice of those great people, I decided to deactivate my account as well. To keep my mind occupied, I also decided to participate in the NaBloPoMo challenge, which was kind of a disaster. But things didn’t go as I had expected.

You see, I have very few Facebook friends. I used to have more than a 1000. Yeah, how can a shy guy have a 1000 friends? I did not even know many of them. But 6 months ago, I took the pains and unfriended everyone I didn’t know in real life. I came down to about 160. The number has since grown, because I’ve met more people; it might be time for another culling. None of the friends I do have are too active on Facebook. Nobody posts updates much and pretty much nothing gets shown to me. Except the pages I’ve liked.


This is how my News Feed looks like most of the time. No updates from friends, because they’re not that active; all updates from pages.

Facebook is my RSS reader! That’s all I use Facebook for. Deactivating it had no real effect on my life. Sure there were savings in terms of mobile data, but apart from that, my life was just the same, I didn’t feel any difference at all.

The revelation
And then I understood, everyone who had ever advised me to get off of Facebook wanted to me have a happy life. They obviously had friends who were having tons of fun, sensing which they might have introspected a lot about life. This could technically (I’m no expert) lead to depression and a general blandness in life. Luckily, I’ve never had that problem, only because I have so little friends.

The conclusion
So what I learned from all of those great Quorans was that Facebook could just lead to a huge wastage of time and sanity among other things. I also learned that the advice they gave me didn’t really work.So that’s a bit about Quora. You read all these amazing answers and feel like you’ve hacked your life away to perfection. The simple truth is that any sort of advice won’t work for everyone. There always will be people who have no results from them.

What do you think about Quora? Are you active there? If yes, lets talk about some amazing answers you’ve read there. 😁

Link to my Quora profile.


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