Is Pocket Rolling Out A New “Social” Feature?

For the second time, I was one among the Top 5% of Pocket this year. According to the stats page, I’ve read 1,098,780 words in 2014.


The stats were amazing, just like in 2013. The addition of device stats to show which device you’ve used the most, graphs showing when you saved to and opened Pocket are also welcome.

Naturally I browsed around a bit and landed on the Pocket Technology Hits of 2014 over here. I scrolled to the bottom of the list and saw a rather inconspicuous little notice.


Curate and share saved content with Pocket.

There was also a button to request invitation this new “feature” (?) before it launched to the public. Being a ├╝ber-geek I naturally requested the invitation readily. I did not get much information afterwards; this screen is all I got.


Sure, I might be one step ahead of you, but not giving me enough information keeps me one step behind you, Nate Weiner.

Pocket might be testing a new social layer on top of their platform. Currently the only real social action on Pocket is the “Send To Friend” function. Pretty much everything is yours alone; its your private place. The new features might mean public collaboration (think discussions on articles within Pocket), curation of articles by topics, maybe even letting you send a list of related articles (like bundles) instead of sending them one at a time.

What these features include only time will tell. But it’s worth watching this space. I’ll update as soon as I get an invite; if I do. What remains to be seen is how this affects other players in this space like ReadingPack, which bills itself as a socially-capable reading list.

UPDATE: As per Yuval Shoshan, some parts of this new “social layer” are beginning to leak (or maybe emerge). You can go over to, where USERNAME= your Pocket username. Check out mine.



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