So, I’ve finally given up and adopted the popular advice almost everyone has heard before: get a newsletter going. But the fact is, I’m not rich enough or free enough to manage my own mailing list and schedule campaigns and what not.

So that’s where TinyLetter comes in. It’s a super-simple way for me to make a newsletter and send it out. And it’s an even easier way for you to subscribe! Shameless plug there. Now let’s get on to what the newsletter is actually about.

What I’m planning to do is send out 5 of the best articles I’ve read over the week. The email reaches subscribers on Sunday morning, so they have 5 articles worth reading, in their inbox. So, basically, it’s hand-picked curation of the best of the Web. In your face, algorithmic curation!

I’ve always had a problem with scheduling time to create more content, so I’m trying my best now to post at least thrice a week. To motivate myself even more, I’ve added a section in my newsletter that lists what I’ve written that week. It’s meant as a way for me to write something just to fill up that list, but hey, you can read it if you want. 😛

And worry not, there will be no spam or sponsored content on the newsletter. The only time you will get the email is on Sunday morning. Five links to read that I recommend,. three links to posts I’ve (hopefully) written and nothing else.

If I’ve somehow managed to get you interested, you can signup over here. It’s really easy, just enter your email address and you’re done. If you’re still feeling a little unsure, well, TinyLetter is owned by MailChimp, one of the leading email marketing services, which a lot of companies and publications use.

So that’s all for this unscheduled update. Please sign up for my Weekend Reads newsletter and tell me how you’re feeling this week. Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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