Nothing Is As Good As This

Nothing is as good as this.

What is this?

I believe you’re asking the wrong question.

This is subjective.

What is subjective?


You mean the cool web service This.?

No, I mean the topic you mentioned, just a few seconds ago.

Yes, I remember. What I said was nothing is as good as this.

And why is nothing as good as this?

This has all the right feelings and emotions.

Again, that is subjective.

Why are we talking about that and this?

Aren’t that and this the same thing?

Yes, they are.

Wrong! That and this are same in this context, not in any other.

Ah, but you forget that there may be several other contexts in this Universe, past, present and future where this and that mean the same thing. You cannot be in all these points of space and time at the same time, so how can you be so sure?

If that’s so, I’ll rephrase my answer to the fact that this and that are same in this context, not in any other that I am aware of.

And this is why nobody likes us.

The concept of liking someone is subjective as well. I assume you’re pointing out concepts that are purely subjective?

So what the hell was this? Was I drunk when I wrote this? Am I going crazy? Or has this blog been hacked? Worry not, everything is fine. This is just something that came out of my fingers when I was typing blind, without really thinking about the words or their meaning. This is exactly what I meant when I shared my writing advice with you: you have permission to create junk along the way.

Instead of censoring these stupid words, I’ve effectively let them out of my mind, thus clearing up my head. What I’ve also done is to strengthen the writing routine that I have. Sure, it may not be great material and it will do more harm than good with regards to the quality of content over here, but it will at the very least help me create an effective writing routine, which is a great way to improve your writing.

So what are your thoughts on this? Still think I’m going crazy? Have any other writing advice to share? Let me know in the comments.


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