Man Curates #1

Do not be surprised, this is just another little experiment I’m running on this blog with new formats and content. Man Curates is, well, a list of manually curated list of great reads from the week past. This list is published every Sunday, so you can save it for later to read it during the weekend leisure time. So go ahead, enjoy this list and tell me what you think about this little serialized offering. 😉

The murky history of moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech
Behind closed doors and opaque company policies are an army of employees and volunteers who sift through all the content we produce everyday, to moderate it and prevent the truly harmful content to reach our eyes. But how long will the Internet rely on manual moderation, and more seriously, will they be able to keep up with the massive scale on content creation online? Save to Pocket

The Voyeur’s Motel
For about 20 years, a motel owner spied on his guests and their private lives, from the security of a viewing platform built into the attic. Now the story is out, but what will the fallout be? Why is the motel owner coming out now? Read this gripping story that takes a look at a man observing the human condition in its crudest form, complete with dishonesty, jealousy and greed. Save to Pocket

Why do we work so hard?
Sure enough, we read a lot about how the modern world we live in feels so rushed, and the headaches of being on the receiving end of notifications, beeps, emails (now Slack) updates and constant deadlines. Most of us are miserable at work, and yet, our global workforce strives to work more and put in more hours. Maybe there is something fundamentally wrong in the way our generation views work and life. Save to Pocket

And that’s it for this week’s Man Curates. Tell me what you think about it, just so I can improve it and make it better for you. 🙂 Check in next Sunday for another list of great reads curated by yours truly.


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