I Write Because

I write because I have thoughts that I think are worth sharing with the world. Sure enough, they might not be world-changing or inspiring, but nonetheless, they are worth something. I write because I want to get better at it, and the only way I know how to, is to keep writing. I write because I know there’s always more than one way to look at something, and that my views on certain topics are not always right. When I write and share it, it opens up avenues for discussions and debates that are mutually beneficial. After all, we as a civilisation, have this hidden power in us. We can talk, discuss, argue, debate and find common grounds and solutions to the problems or events happening around us.

As a society, we can discuss, be exposed to different views and find solutions to problems that everyone agrees upon. Nobody has done this before. For all we know, we are the first intelligent lifeform anywhere in the Universe. Nobody guided us to where we are now. Humans, collectively, were raised by the proverbial wolves. We have formed societies and we have forums for public discussion. We may not always live in ways that are always beneficial to everyone involved. There may be times when certain groups are at a disadvantage. We may not always agree with each others.

There was no one before us, there is no one to lead us to become the kind of society we want to be. We are figuring this stuff out. We are figuring out that racism is not easily overcome, and that despite all the movements against it, there is still room for discussion and certainly a lot of room to improve. We are finding out that not everyone is the same as us, and that those differences don’t necessarily mean that those people are bad or evil.

Sure, people may be gay or lesbian or transgender or bisexual, but that doesn’t mean they are evil. They are complex beings with thoughts and emotions, just like you and me. We are still figuring out that we, ourselves, aren’t really perfect and that we are prone to several innate biases, that we are consciously unaware of. What I mean to say is, we have the ability to sit and discuss and connect with the problems we face, and more importantly, the humans who are affected by them. If something I write opens up a constructive discussion about certain topics, then I would have done my job. This is why I write.

I write because I want to share my thoughts. It’s a primordial urge of humans – to share, to connect with and to form a bond with others. By sharing my thoughts with the world, I have a chance of finding people with similar interests and views, thus giving me more people to connect to. I write because it helps me find and connect with other people. I write because I am a social animal.

I write because I am curious about things. Things I’ve read, things I’ve seen or heard, things I’ve thought about and things I’ve experienced over the course of my short life. I write because I’m sure these experiences have been had by others and I want to invite them to a discussion on what those experiences meant for them, and how those experiences have shaped and changed them.

I write because I know I’m not an expert on anything. I never pretend to be one. We are all in this game called Life and we are playing it for the first time. We are still figuring out how to play it, one day at a time. Along the way, I’ve felt or thought of something that I feel warrants more discussion, and that is why I write them down.

I write because it provides me with a timeline of myself. The words I’ve written are like a window into the past me. Going through my journal entries and other writings, I can see how I, as a person, have progressed with the passage of time. How certain opinions and perspectives have changed in me, and how certain other traits and outlooks have strengthened themselves. I write because a couple of years down the line, these very words will remind me how I was in the past, and how I have changed in that short amount of time.

The answer to “Why do you write?” is not an easy one. The answers are different for different people, and the answer keeps changing for the same person as time passes. Whatever the reason may be for writing, we can be rest assuerd, that by writing, we are joining a global discussion on topics that a majority may or may not care about (I’m looking at you, niche writers ;)) By writing, we give our thoughts and stories and experiences a concrete physical or virtual form. We’re actively creating a snapshot of our minds, anchored in that particular time, that can be revisited, as and when needed.


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