Thoughts From July And August

​So I’m starting to think that maybe, my initial thoughts were wrong. It does give you more joy and a feeling of contentment, when living with others and sharing some great time with them. 

For me, a life lived in solitude, with nothing but my own thoughts was the best life I could have, wandering in my own thoughts and the different worlds my imagination made. But maybe, just maybe, it’s all a balancing game. Maybe you need solitude and the company of friends to keep you sane. Too much of either can make you unhappy and depressed. I’m a indoor-type-of-person, but lately, I’ve been moving a lot more, exploring new places, thanks to both Ingress, that gem of a game, and the extra time I’ve devoted to being with friends.

I’ve realized that people who are close with each other are effectively pipes that have holes in them. Any information you feed one person basically leaks out to the other person, irrespective of the content and context. Maybe that’s how friends behave with each other; maybe that’s how incredibly closw friends behave.

Everything I thought about friendship is wrong. Everything I thought about relations is wrong. They don’t expire unless you let them. They don’t die unless you let them. You are what matters in a relation; you give up and it withers and dies. You just don’t give up on friendships, no matter how thin or boring they might be. You just don’t give up on the relations you’ve forged. People deserve more than that, people deserve love and respect and lifelong company. Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.


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