The Third Wheel

Sometimes I feel like

I'm the third wheel.

Maybe it's not true

But that's how I feel.

Maybe it is true and

I should accept it's real.

I should just fade away.

Away from all this

And give them the space.

Give them the bliss

They so badly need.

I hope they won't miss

Me when I'm gone.

After I've left

Them in peace, my pieces

Will scatter with no heft.

Will they miss me?

Will they feel bereft

Without me there?

But I'm just a smartphone

Connecting them yet splitting them

Afar through no fault of my own.

Maybe it's just me, maybe it's everyone

But this is the life of a smartphone.

A little poem (?) I wrote last night, just messing around, thinking of life in terms of objects; a smartphone in this case. Please do tell me what you think about this, it is kind of my first foray into poetry, so criticism is welcome.

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