Prompt Replies: An Experiment In Fiction

As someone who has dabbed their fingers in fiction a couple of times, I really want to create a narrative of people and stories and a whole world which they inhabit. However, the one thing that often stops me from writing more fiction is the fact that I’m often dry when it comes to plots.

I find it hard to create a basic plot for my stories, despite being able to create complex characters and conveying their thoughts easily. And without a good plot, well, the story is of no use.

So a solution I’ve found is to write a story using the daily prompts from Daily Post. Each prompt will serve as the inspiration for chapters of a long running-story. The prompts change daily and might not have any relation whatsoever with each other. This means that the onus is on me to craft a sensible story using each random prompt. It’s great because it helps me develop my skills in writing, so what more could I ask for?

I’m calling this ‘Prompt Replies’, because, they are replies. To prompts. Yeah, it definite sounded funnier in my head. So anyway, each chapter includes 15 sentences and will use a writing prompt taken from The Daily Post. I’ll also probably set up a category to make the chapters easier to find.

So what do you think of this experiment? Is it worth my time, or is this destined to fail? Let me know in the comments! 


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