Ppppsssshhhh. Starting a post is always hard. Diamonds and steel carbide blades aren’t as hard as staring at an empty page with a judgemental cursor, blinking at you in a condescending manner. But enough of the jokes, at least the bad ones.

What happens when a government chosen by the people, for the people, loses sight of its aims and prioritises the lives of cattle? Well, that just happened in my country. Cattle slaughter of kind and even sales of cattle is now banned and/or heavily controlled. Going full retard on political topics isn’t really my style, so we’ll go into something else.

Since I’m pretty much useless at everything, I decided to rebel in my own way. By ordering beef, that pinnacle of human-made cuisine, and taking pics of it and posting it, which is a first for me. Because I’m usually too lazy or self-conscious to do so.

I don’t usually do this, but the situation really called for it, I guess. Anyway, here’s what I had, all regional dishes.

When beef is banned in your country but you still have feelings for beef.

The way I see this government’s relation with the people, I imagine it might be like me with a girl. You know those girls that are labelled “high maintenance”? Yeah, I’m like the male version of that. I’m prone to frequent and random mood swings, baseless tantrums and outright denial. Every. Damn. Time. Any time this government is done screwing up, the divert the attention to something else; laws related to cattle in this case. Anyway, enough with the boring stuff. Here’s another pic of food. 😋

Beef is love. Beef is life. (Beef and chilly curry, beef fry with diced onions and lemon as garnish, and a sort-of cake made with powdered rice and grated coconut that is then steamed after being covered with a banana leaf.)

But despite everything that might (or might not) happen if I ever get into a relationship with the opposite sex, I’ll still admit that I have feelings for beef. This ‘forbidden love’ angle just makes it more exciting. I truly can’t let go.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice I tend to align my images at the centre. It’s a vestige of my constant report creation that being an engineering student entails. My whole life, and those of other students in India, revolves in an endless loop around Times New Roman, 12 and Times New Roman, 16, Bold for headings and Times New Roman, 10 for headers and footers.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll also notice that I never stay on a topic. I keep rambling and jumping from topic to topic. Staying just long enough so that it seems I have written enough about it, but not staying long enough to reveal that I know next to nothing about it. I learned that from the best in the trade: my lecturers at college.

This is me jumping from topic to topic while avoiding my responsibilities.

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Image of jumping bunny on Pinterest.


3 thoughts on “I Can’t Let Go

    1. Yes, there’s a rebel within all of us. While I take care not to indulge myself into political topics, I can’t help but disagree with the recent moves made by the government. Eating anything we want is a fundamental freedom that shouldn’t be tampered with.


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